Central New York Tennis: About Us

I created this web site to track the stats for the Liverpool High School Boys Tennis Team when my sons were on the team. Over the years I've expanded the site to go beyond the Central New York Counties League (CNYCL) to all the Boys Tennis Leagues in Section III.  In 2011, I expanded to include the Girls Tennis in Section III as well.

Now that the site is matured and serving all of Section III High School Tennis, I wanted to expand it to other sections.  The goal being the High School Tennis Stats Site for all of Upstate New York!  So, I've merged the Boys and the Girls sites into a single site to make it more supportable.  Other Sections have com on board... 2, 4, 5 and 6...It's a journey... But, we're gaining momentum! Encourage your Coach / League to use the site...

Benefits include:
The site is FREE... I'm not charging schools to use it...Just asking that the Coach maintain their team roster and enters the scores (Usually the Home team or Winning team reports the score - each League determines how they want to handle the score reporting).

With the added traffic to the site, I'm hoping to attract sponsors to improve the site even more...If you know of a business that wants to sponsor the site, let me know.... 


Hope you enjoy the site...



Rick Schneider

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