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New feature added!...(Summer 2021) If you have an Amazon Alexa device... Just say... Alexa.. open New York High School Tennis...

You can get the overall match scores for a particular day... or get the top singles or doubles players as ranked by the verified UTR rating.

I'm tweeting the overall match scores during the season...Follow me to see the scores...

Strength of Schedule Rank

RankSchoolOpponents RecordOpponents Opponents RecordSOS Value
1 Auburn NaNNaN NaN
2 Baldwinsville NaNNaN NaN
3 Central Square NaNNaN NaN
4 Christian Brothers Academy NaNNaN NaN
5 Cicero-North Syracuse NaNNaN NaN
6 East Syracuse-Minoa NaNNaN NaN
7 Fayetteville-Manlius NaNNaN NaN
8 Liverpool NaNNaN NaN
9 Nottingham NaNNaN NaN
10 Oswego NaNNaN NaN
11 Proctor NaNNaN NaN
12 Rome Free Academy NaNNaN NaN
13 Syracuse West NaNNaN NaN
14 West Genesee NaNNaN NaN

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